Roasted Unsalted In-Shell Pistachios

from Valley Pistachio Country Store
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Roasted and unseasoned pistachios, still in their shells. Available in clear and burlap bags.



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Mar 27, 2011
By significantpickle
The delivered it so fast that I was even a little surprised, especially sending from the west coast to the mid-north part of the country. The pistachio's were for our parrots and they came fantastic condition. Looks like we'll be buying the salted version for ourselves to eat, too. The 5 lb. plastic bag version is nice because it's a resealable bag.
Valley Pistachio Country Store -Roasted Unsalted In-Shell Pistac
Sep 28, 2010
By Blithe
The pistachios were large, high quality, well roasted, & their popped open shells made them easily accessible for quick snacks. Unsalted pistachios are difficult to find either locally or on the Internet at any price. After checking prices I considered this a very good buy. The packaging in a sealable, clear, 5 lb. bag was excellent & can be left in sight wherever one prefers a few nuts - but make sure you can neatly dispose of the shells. This is a wise & healthy purchase for pistachio lovers who want to avoid the unneeded salt - & you might discover the nuts actually taste better without the salt.
For more than 25 years, we've grown pistachios and almonds in the prosperous San Joaquin Valley of California.
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